Founded in 1943:

Sanden was first established as Sankyo Electric Company by Kaihei Ushikubo as a manufacturer of bicycle lamps, with a distinctive owl trademark.

1950’s: Introducing refrigeration

Sankyo Electric Company entered the electric home appliance market by producing electric washers and mini-motors. Drawing on these successes, Sankyo Electric produced an open-type refrigeration showcase for business use, which became the first of its kind in the industry.

1960’s: Vending machine

As sales figures for refrigeration units steadily increased, Sankyo Electric developed another innovation, which would later become one of its most successful ventures – the original bubble juice vending machine.

1970’s: Automotive air-conditioning

Sankyo Electric entered into a technical alliance with Mitchell Corporation, and began producing compressors for passenger cars in 1970, which marked an entrance into the automotive market. With this new industry came a new corporate identity – Sanden.

1980’s: Becoming a global enterprise

In 1981, Sanden developed a scroll-type compressor for automotive for the first time in the world. Sanden also acquired Vendo, the second largest vending machine manufacturer in the U.S. Sales and production bases were created all over the world, and Sanden became a truly global enterprise and industry leader.

1990’s: Tackling environmental issues

Sanden developed open – scroll type automotive compressors to help prevent ozone layer destruction. For these environmentally friendly services, Sanden was awarded by the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy.

1990’s: Automotive industry leader

Drawing on the successes from strategic alliances that paved the way into the automotive industry, Sanden became known as a key compressor supplier for major OEMs.

2000’s: Reducing global footprint

Sanden is committed to reducing global footprint, and established the Sanden Global Center of Technology in 2008 to continuously develop eco-friendly products alongside new technologies. In 2002, Sanden opened Sanden Forest, which is now an area of natural beauty, and a harmonious synergy of land development and the natural environment.

2000’s: The first Swash Plate

Sanden developed their first Swash Plate compressor for improved passenger car comfort. To meet emerging market needs, Sanden entered the heavy vehicle market, and developed their first heavy duty and super heavy duty compressors.

2010’s: Electrification

Already an automotive market leader, Sanden developed a full electric compressor for use in passenger car. Sanden became the market leader for truck integrated parking cooling and started to supply full HVAC assembly to key truck customers.

2020’s: The Future

Sanden celebrated 75 years of business in 2018, and looks forward with excitement to the next 75 years. With passionate and knowledgeable employees and innovative strategies, Sanden is committed to Delivering Excellence to every customer, every time.