Our Products


The indoor unit of a car air-conditioner with a heater and air conditioning function. Widely developed not only for passenger cars, but also for heavy duty trucks, construction equipment vehicles, and others. Has a compact design, high performance, durability and is especially light.

Electrical Compressor

Most robust and reliable Electrical Compressor in the Automotive Market with high efficiency and wide operational range. Low weight, low noise and vibration in a very compact design.

Heat Pump System

Sanden Heat-Pump System has the perfect efficiency in heating and cooling modes, providing high contribution to energy saving in electrical vehicles.

Electric Coolant Heater

In a shift to electrification of the vehicle, there is a growing need of alternative heat source instead of engine waste heat for cabin heating, and for a new demand such as battery heating.


Light and compact Sanden expander contributes to improving fuel consumption and reducing CO2 emissions up to 4% by waste heat recovery.

Mechanical Compressor

Sanden has been producing and constantly developing mechanical compressors for 50 years, ensuring smooth, quiet operation and highest level of efficiency. Sanden mechanical compressor products can cover full range of Light vehicle, Heavy duty truck, Construction equipment and Agricultural equipment.

Heat Exchanger

Sanden provides a range of compact and highly efficient Heat Exchangers. Excellent performance by equalizing refrigerant diversion, and uniform temperature distribution makes it indispensable for making space in the car truly comfortable.