Wobble Plate Piston Type Compressor

Fixed/ Variable displacement

 Fixed Displacement

-SD5S11 (108cc/rev)

-SD5S14 (138cc/rev)

-SD7B10 (100cc/rev)

-SD7H13 (130cc/rev)

-SD7H15 (150cc/rev)

Variable displacement

 Internally controlled variable
-SD6V12 (126cc/rev)

-SD7V16 (161cc/rev)

Externally controlled variable
-SD6C12 (126cc/rev)

-SD7C16 (161cc/rev)


Robust drive mechanism

Extended durability capability

Heavy duty application available

Internal and external capacity control

Clutch cycling capability up to 8500 rpm engine speed

Suitable for R1234yf and R134a with SP-A2 lubricant


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